The concept

The perfect gift for

immortalize the moment

— in a unique way

In a minimalist style, we create your beautiful personalized poster with the map of your stars. To do this, you write your message, choose a place and a date. If you are looking for something unique and original, a My Stars Memories frame the perfect gift. Perfect as a birth gift, birthday, engagement, or even first meeting…

For any occasion, create the most important day sky map of your life or that of a loved one!

First meeting



The concept

Human beings have always been fascinated by the sky and even more so by the stars. Over the millennia, we have found recurring patterns in the movement of stars and planets. Already in the time of the Babylonians have created predictive calendars (called ephemeris) of the movement of the stars as early as 350 BC Jesus Christ. Since then technologies have evolved well and we are now able to trace and predict the movement of stars from any place in the world at any time with great precision. Therein lies all the magic of our concept.

At My Stars Memories, we make our maps with the utmost care and precision before framing and sending them to you. We use data transmitted by the International Space Station as our primary source of data. To create your custom map, we cross six data sources with high accuracy and more than 9,000 stars.

To calculate the position of a star in the sky at a particular location and time on Earth, we look for the azimut and elevation of the star, depending on the location and the precise date you choose. Thanks to this, at My Stars Memories we can guarantee you a unique and high-fidelity card. A perfect concept to mark a unique moment!