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What exactly are star charts (skymaps) and what are they used for?

Nothing is more legendary and mysterious than the vast universe with all its distant planets and galaxies making up those stars we can see in the night sky. For generations before our time, the stars were supposedly God-given tools for determining time and position. It is also said that the stars decide the fate, luck or misfortune of many people.

The star charts of show you the real star constellation that was seen at a certain place and date, or that will be seen in the future.

Indeed, a star map is a map that represents the position of stars in the sky. This map is based on observations made over thousands of years since our ancestors until today. With this map, we can know the position of the stars that move either due to the rotation of the Earth (day / night) or the sidereal revolution of the Earth (beginning of year / end of year) or Earth orbit.

Constellations are groups of stars that are imaginatively similar to a certain symbol or image (discover here 17 constellations to know with their explanation). For example a group of stars that look like a lion gives the constellation of Leo. The set of stars that looks like a hunter represents the constellation of Orion (giant hunter of Greek mythology). The naming of this constellation is strongly influenced by the culture of a particular nation, but today what is used as the international "standard" is mainly drawn from Greek culture.

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What is an astrological star chart?

It's quite simple actually: An astrological chart is a star chart based on a person's date of birth, time and place of birth. This chart can be created for an event, an issue or even a country! Symbols are used to represent planets, signs and geometric connections called angles. In western astrology, star charts are usually drawn on a circular plane. Astrologers examine your chart, analyze the patterns and factors that define your personality and needs. In a way, the astrologer "reads" the information he or she sees in your chart.

Today, most professional astrologers use a computer to perform the complex calculations required to create star charts. The mathematical formulas developed in the past have now been translated into computer programs. However, a certified professional astrologer must still know how to perform these calculations.


Make your personal SkyMap

My Skymap

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Design your personalized poster with the sky map of a certain date and make a unique moment unforgettable!

The personalized poster with your star map is the perfect gift for very special people and personal occasions.

A star chart is a unique gift to commemorate a wedding, birth, anniversary or other special occasion with a print of the constellations in the night sky and an exact position of the stars on the day the event took place.

Specify a location, date and time to create a sky map and will create a custom poster for you with the map of the stars as they were or will be positioned at that location at the time you choose.


The sky map of an appointment

Immortalize the sky map of a meeting or an unforgettable moment with a personalized SkyMap. Want to remember life's truly special moments forever? Whether it's a birth, wedding, anniversary or other unique event, immortalize that moment with the sky map of that time. Design your personalized star card with the star constellation that was seen in the sky at a certain time and place, or will be seen in the future. A unique souvenir of personal moments and a unique gift to make them unforgettable.

Star poster gift

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The sky map of your special event as a personal gift

A personalized star card is a great gift idea for any occasion.

Here are just a few examples: gift for a birth, gift for a birthday, gift for a wedding, gift for a wedding anniversary, gift for Mother's Day, gift for Valentine's Day, gift for Father's Day, gift for Easter, gift for Christmas.

Our custom star map shows exactly which star constellation was visible at a certain time and place in the sky, or will be seen in the future.

How is this possible?

We use the International Space Station star catalogue. This is a highly accurate catalog of stars generated by the Hubble Space Telescope. We use this catalog to organize the positions of stars for any date or location in the past or future!

You can find useful information about ordering and shipping your personal star card at


What does a personalized poster of your star chart look like?

Your personalized star card is a decorative frame customized with the image of sky map at the time and place of your choice.

On mystarsmemories. com there is a choice of 7 posters in several different colours (celestial black, classic, midnight blue, and...) and two types of frames. However, it is also possible to order a poster without frame.

To see all the possible combinations, visit the "Create your star poster" page and start customizing your own star map.

With this Star Map, this moment will be immortalized in a unique way.

A personalized creative gift

Whatever the event, a birth, the day you met your loved one... Give a memorable personalized gift like this star card, to always remember this special day.

Have your star map printed on a personalized poster

Create a standard size (30 x 40 cm) star chart of the night you met your loved one. It will be printed on the best photo paper.

A unique and creative gift

In addition to being unique, this personalized star card is also an impressive decorative element.

We create unique and beautifully designed star charts showing the alignment of the stars at a location and time chosen by you. Whatever the event: birthday, engagement, birth, or your first meeting ... the position of the stars is unique and is never the same at two different times.

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