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To change your the decoration of your house or your apartmentit is not necessary to change the furniture or to proceed to a renovation.novation major renovation. Sometimes, it is enough to change the wall decoration of your home to obtain a refreshed. However, choosing the right wall décor can be a challenge in some cases and can be a major be a headache.headache. We offer some tips that will help you in choosing decorations for your home.

What you should consider when choosing a wall decoration a wall decoration

Before buying a a picture, a poster or a poster for your home, you must first consider the space of the room in which you want to hang it. Try use your imagination imagination and see what a huge picture will look like. You can even try to do it with the help of special computer programs.

After deciding on the size of thethe decoration muraleAfter deciding on the size of the wall decoration, consider the style of the room. The style of the wall decoration should be in harmony with the design of the room. For example, if your home is decorated in a high-tech style, it is best to use designs abstract designs or posters of urban landscapes. And, if you have chosen a boho chic design, it is best to use bright accessories and paintings in gold frames.

A kind of wall decor should also be in line with the genre of the room, especially if you have a thematic design. For example, if your room is done in the African style, it will be inappropriate to use cityscapes.

How to embellish your home with a personalized poster

Change the look of a house quickly and economically with the use of posters of your favorite characters, nature, places you want to visit, is ideal for bedrooms, offices and living rooms. You can decorate the walls with posters of any size, at bringing colour and style to your home.

Organize posters by theme

Customized poster: Sorted by topic


Decorating with posters is a simple idea, but it can't be done haphazardly or you'll get a chaotic and aesthetically ugly result. You must first decide what theme to adopt and then what sizes and colors to choose to match the room you want to decorate.

Assess the size of the area you want to cover and try to visualizeYou can use a map on the wall to get a first impression of what the wall will look like. Next, the posters or posters can be applied directly to the wall or if you preferyou can integrated into a frame, perhaps with glass, for them protect them.

If your environment is modern and minimalist, you need some colors and stylish images. Sf the environment is bohemian, shabby or vintage, you have more choices to use more extravagant and vibrant shades that fit and perfect the environment.

Create harmony in your home with a personalized poster

Customized Poster: Harmony

The posters can be a useful and captivating way to bring harmony to a space and can be defined as a decidedly eclectic and unconventional art form. To achieve the desired look, remember to apply them evenly and always at a precise distance from each other, measuring to the centimetre for a consistent look.

If your decision is to put them in a frametry to keep the frames simple and minimalist with a uniform colour so as not to distract from the poster inside.

As for the dimensions, you can give free rein to your preferences, since fascinating creations can be obtained by combining different sizes, or you can use one that is almost as wide as the wall for a linear and sober effect.

A gallery in the living room

personalized poster: a gallery

The living room is the place in the house where we relax and where you a good book, but it is also a room where you welcome guests. For those who love design, it can become an opportunity to show their style and why not do it with posters?

Try to sort them by colour combinations, for example by placing the lighter ones on one line and the darker ones on another, so as not to create a confusing mix but following an order. The latest trend is to recreate a sort of art gallery by inserting large framed posters, preferably in large rooms.

If the available living room is small, you can also get a wall of posterses by using A3 and A4 formats that can be combined with each other.them. The website offers some great wall designs. Something to inspire you!

A collage for the rooms

personalized poster : wall collage

Each room varies in terms of layout and style, so it is not possible to give a single idea of decoration.tyle, so it is not possible to give a single idea of the decoration, but it is easier to leave room for creativity, imagination and preferences, being also an intimate and personal place intimate and personal which you don't need to to respect a strict rule.

You will have the opportunity to use posters You can use matt or glossy posters, mix them, alternate subjects and colours. Matte black and white prints will create a chic atmosphere or a retro character, many different colors and themes will give vivacity and spunk.

Create custom posters

You could consider using posters made by printing your own photos as a child or from the holidays you enjoyed the most or or if you want 3D images, by searching the Internet or specific photography and home decor stores. For a unique touch, frame the area where you have them displayed with LED lights, accentuating their beauty.

A starred starred card personalized

This is the latest trend of the moment. For those who, in particular, have a tendency à to read their horoscope, and à believe in the stars and astrology in in generalsites, specialized specialized allow you to create the stellar poster of your date of birth, i.e, a representation of the sky map and the constellations as they appeared à a given time and place.

This is the case of the site which allows you to create the personalized poster of your stars, whether it is an image of the sky at the time of your birth, the day you met your partner, or a birth to come. These are exact representations of the starry skyé generated à from the International Space Station data.

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