10 ideas for proposing marriage

Do you feel ready? You've made up your mind? You want to get married and propose to her. First of all, congratulations! This is great and beautiful news. Let's hope he/she will say yes!

This is not only a time for you to express your love, but also a time to create a story. A moment that you will cherish and engrave forever in your memory for the rest of your life. Maybe even the opportunity to write a story that you will tell to your grandchildren? We've listed 10 ideas to help you. And who knows, maybe you'll commemorate this special day with one of our posters with the sky map.

First of all, let's help you go from being a couple to being engaged!

1. The classic restaurant

10 proposal ideas

Go to a good restaurant, aim for an establishment that she is sure to like. Of course, if it's a place you're not used to, such as a fancy restaurant, you might arouse suspicion. Have your excuse ready! A promotion that allows you to discover this cuisine, for example.

At the end of the meal, when the atmosphere is relaxed, propose to drink a last glass of champagne. Arrange with the person in charge of the room for a bouquet to be brought to her and at the same time you make your request.

2. The hotel room (for romantics)

10 proposal ideas

After a big day at work, rent a hotel room and fill it with chocolates, flowers and whatever else she likes. Create a path of flowers (or petals) leading to the hotel room door. And surprise! Ps: don't forget to chill the bottle of champagne.

3. The surprise dessert

10 proposal ideas

Put it in his dessert. Either with the help of the chef, who will certainly not be short of ideas, or by yourself. It's entirely possible to arrange this at a candlelight dinner at home during a picnic or to put the ring in a glass of champagne. Tip: Try to choose a dessert that is not too rich or dense so that the ring can be easily distinguished from the food. Otherwise, you may have to wait a day or two to get it back!

4. The surprise alarm clock

10 proposal ideas

During the night, wake up to gently put the ring on her finger in her sleep. In the morning, you can wake her up by bringing her breakfast in bed. It is at this time, by looking at her hand, that she will discover that this breakfast will be like no other.

5. The appointment

10 proposal ideas

Choose a place that is already special to your couple. A spot you love with a special view or the place you first met. Depending on where it is, you may be able to get there ahead of time and plan something romantic. If it's a place you already know, that already makes it a lot easier. You probably won't have to come up with an excuse to take her there. If the place you choose is going to give him too many clues, plan a visit or a walk to a place close to your final destination.

6. A written request in the stars

Did you believe that your destiny was written in the stars? That one day you would ask for her hand? We do! Create a poster of your proposal day in advance. It's possible! While he/she is away, hang the frame, fill your apartment with flowers, add background music and when he/she returns, get down on one knee when he/she sees the card.

7. The banner in the sky

Make your request in the air with an aerial advertising canvas. Be careful not to miss the plane.

8. Advertise in a newspaper or magazine

10 proposal ideas

This is certainly a great idea if your boyfriend or girlfriend subscribes and reads regularly. Even if they don't, you can still pretend you found an interesting article to share with them!

9. A walk in nature

10 proposal ideas

If your partner loves walking in the mountains, seeing beautiful landscapes, watching animals, all that... You can do it the old fashioned way and go for a walk. Wait for the right moment (in the conversation) and the right place and get down on your knees. You can also up the pace with a hike to the top of a hill to get to sunset and propose (when you've caught your breath).

10. On a beautiful journey

10 proposal ideas

Choose a nice destination. A weekend at Aunt Gertrude's won't do. Instead, choose a heavenly place, a romantic city like Rome or a symbolic monument like the Eiffel Tower. The change of scenery alone will work in your favour. Imagine the "wow" effect when you ask her, feet in the sand, to share the rest of your life together.


We're keeping our fingers crossed for you!

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