10 ideas to please a woman

Women's gift idea

It can be difficult to find a perfect gift idea for your wife, mother or daughter for special occasions. Many also say that women are hard to understand. But in fact, making a woman happy is not a difficult thing. With a little attention and flattery, women will feel happier. Showing attention to a woman, whether she is your girlfriend, or your partner, can be done by giving her a nice gift, but don't choose the wrong one.

To take some of the stress out of finding a gift for a woman, please find below a handy list of ideas for some of the best and most conventional gifts for a woman.

Cosmetics and beauty accessories

It is natural that women like to pamper themselves. Giving cosmetics to a woman can be a good idea, as long as it is clear what kind of cosmetics she usually uses. Women are considered to be picky in choosing which cosmetics to use. Because every woman's skin type is different, pay attention to her skin type first. Don't give her cosmetics that don't match her skin. To be safe, just give her cosmetic materials that are definitely more useful. Like a set of brushes, curlers, straightener, curler or other accessories that she currently needs.

Clothing and fashion items

Women love to wear fashionable items. For a woman's birthday, for example, appropriate gifts to buy are bags, wallets, shoes, clothing and fashion accessories.

Women always want to look stylish and fashionable. Therefore, give her fashionable clothes or accessories with the style and type she likes.


A woman will certainly love to receive a gift in the form of a perfume, especially if it is her favourite scent.


Like men, women also like to wear watches in their daily life, as well as to support their appearance. First of all, pay attention to the details of the watches provided, as women are very careful in choosing items. Does she like digital type watches or clockwork (analog) models. Also choose her favorite color. If you are not sure what color she likes, it is safer to choose a neutral color that goes well with any color of clothing. These neutrals include black, brown, white and grey.

Branded bag

Almost all women will be happy if they receive a branded bag from their partner. But that doesn't mean that men have to give expensive designer bags. Adapt to her needs and your financial conditions. The types of bags that are usually preferred by women are simple bags with neutral or bright colors but still beautiful and stylish so that they can use it for various occasions.


Just like clothes, shoes are also a favorite gift for women. Choose the shoes that match her style and look the most appropriate to wear. Find a size that fits her foot. First, you need to know your girlfriend's or wife's size. Usually, a woman's foot size is 36 to 39. You can add a nice sweet note with this gift and then wrap it carefully with a ribbon. Women will definitely be more touched and proud to have a man who is romantic and understands her needs.


It is said that "diamonds are a woman's best friend", but this does not mean that men have to give shiny and expensive diamonds. Regardless of the type, women will be very happy if they receive a piece of jewelry as a gift, even if it is not diamonds. If a man is ready to commit to a marriage, giving a ring and asking for his hand will make a woman very touched and happy. Because jewelry is very personal and elegant. Any woman would be very flattered with a nice piece of jewelry as a gift.

Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are examples of items that a woman is sure to love. Ask the shopkeeper to wrap the gift and don't forget to write a few kind words.

If you are asking what kind of fashion accessories do women like? You don't have to worry about it, just go to the stores selling fashion items. Ask the shopkeeper to help you choose a gift that suits her.


This is a more personal and intimate gift for a woman, however, make sure you know what size it is as there would be nothing more embarrassing for you or her if you buy something that is too big or too small. If you are considering buying lingerie, what type of lingerie do you intend to buy? Again, this comes down to personal taste, especially for "sexy" lingerie.


This is often a good safety net if you don't know what gift to buy. Flowers don't have to be expensive, and many florists deliver flowers on a specific day (birthday, etc.)

Another possibility is to offer a floral subscription. For example, Monsieur Margueritte offers different formulas in which trendy and fresh bouquets will be regularly delivered.

Personalized poster with star map

For the romantic at heart, a wall poster with a personalized star chart is the way to go. These wall posters are also the perfect gift for women who are interested in astrology. This is an amazing gift for a woman you care about and a great way to mark precious memories of your couple, you can personalize your card with the exact layout of the stars on the day of the event you wish to celebrate.


There are many other gift ideas you can find for a woman. The important thing is that the gifts are unique, original and touch the emotional side of women.

Unlike gifts for men, gifts for women can often be prepared without a large budget because women appreciate your efforts far more than the price.


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